A Healing Touch  - relax, rejuvenate or manage your pain with therapeutic massage.
What to Expect
Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled session. We invite you to share with us information on current or past medical conditions that you feel we should know about, any medications you are currently taking, and anything else that would provide a comprehensive picture of your health.
•  We recommend that you leave jewelry at home.
•  Appointments begin promptly.
•  This is your time to relax and escape.  If you are unable to leave your cell phone home, please turn it off for your session. 
•  You will be covered by a sheet and light blanket during your session, and the therapist will not enter the room until you indicate that you are on the table and covered. 
• Your therapist will construct a personalized therapy session based on the information you share in your introduction. The therapist will check with you throughout the session to ensure that you are comfortable.
• Our goal is to provide you the best therapeutic experience we can. During your initial session, we are learning about you and what works for you as an individual. If at any point you are not enjoying the experience, please tell your therapist right away. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a therapist to adjust the pressure, focus on a specific pain point, or add/subtract heat or aromatherapy.
• During your session, whether you like chatting, or prefer to relax in silence is completely up to you. Did we mention that it's all about you?
•  It is important to stay hydrated after a massage. We serve bottled water after each service to make sure you begin the process right away.
•  If you must cancel an appointment, a 24-hour cancellation notice is greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions at all prior to your first massage, please call us to talk them through. We are happy to share information and address any questions or concerns so that when you arrive, you know exactly what to expect.
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